Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Some More Artwork

Finally went back to the studio for day to use the scanner. It's very weird being here with storage stacked up everywhere and no tables or chairs. Also, really major de-ja-vu of the first day of Uni.

Surprise, surprise, I been drawin' Astronauts again. Of course, traditional fabric rope freezes and shatters in space but whose counting.

Couldn't figure out how to rotate this, and Photoshop is being a big gay. Speaking of gay...

I'm on the planning committee for the next Plymouth Pride Event (me helping to plan a whole cities pride!? wow!) I volunteered myself for logo duty. I did like five different logos and they choose this one to keep working on. Apparently it's a competition, if I don't win then, well, screw em' and their drag queen contest!!!


  1. That's a lush logo Rae! It's really effective! You'd best win for sure or I'm coming down there with my make-shift trebuchet and a large bag of melons!

  2. Logo is pretty cool. ^-^ I love tall ships