Saturday, 21 August 2010

Finally, The BBC Does Something Awesome

So this BBC website shows the size of natural disasters, war zones and man's forray into the heavens in comparison to things we can relate to. For example, the size of the moon when compared to main land Australia:

 How about the runway of the Space Shuttle centered over Central Park, New York?

Or, the same runway when centered over my house:

Now I live in Plymouth, England, and I wont pretend it's a big city. But just look at that! The Space Shuttle runway stretches pretty much across the ENTIRE CITY! Its HUH-YAWGE!! Now something thats comparitvly miniscule, the distance walked by the Apollo 11 crew, the first moon landing. This is how much was explored on the first moonlanding 40 years ago when centered over Old Trafford football stadium:

I think you can tell thats no real distance at all. Ofcourse by later missions they explored greater distances with the help of the luna rover. But still. I think thats pretty startling. As my hero Phil Plait would say, we need to go back!

I invite you to place the Space Shuttle runway over your house, or indeed you can plot the Apollo 11 distance over your town, print out the map and walk it yourself:

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