Saturday, 28 August 2010


Well, moving out day is rapidly approaching. In seven days I will move all my earthly possesions to my new home (a tiny prison cell in a shared house of 10) and five days after that I will move myself there, to live for two years. What will I do for those five days I dont have my xbox, playstation, TV, dvds, musical instruments and telescope? *sob* I JUST DONT KNOW!

Anyway, leaving the family home for the first time, not sure if I'll ever return (Mum wants to sell the house) is causing me all sorts of stress and deeply damaging worry. Also, I'll be leaving my cats. Will I ever see them again either? If mum sells the house she has to find a new home for the cats. Having just lost one of them to old age I feel even more upset about the prospect of them going to live with strangers. Anybody in Devon or Cornwall with a nice big garden, no children or other pets!? Anyways, commence caturday, Rae-style:

Holly. The skittsh, gentle soul. Like's tummy rubs.
 Sally, the fat cat, although since Stripy died she's lost a considerable amount of weight. She was second in command and Stripy's foster sister, they were the closest so I think she's taking it hard.

Toby, the man-cat, spawn of Holly and mystery neighborhood sperm donor. For 10 years we though Tiby was a black cat but suddenly this year he started turning burgendy, It seems as he ages his mother's colours are coming out in him. He's running along the neighbor's wall to climb onto our balcony to roll at my feet. The late Stripy did the same thing: (for some reason Holly and Sally refuse to leave the house)

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