Friday, 2 November 2012

"Beware Teenage Girls" - a lesbian poem

Been a busy couple of months, what with a month in California. When I have time I'll write a full post on that. Right now I'm just re-building my life, moved out of the van into a house, doing little bits and pieces of illustration work and trying to find a day job. I've been reading a lot of Beat poetry (mostly Ginsberg and Karaouc) and recent events inspired me to right the following poem, written in my friend's Croydon flat while I was waiting for him to get off the phone with his cousin.

Beware teenage girls
with narriow hips
and puckered lips
wondering hands
and perky tits
those trippy hippy chicks
who chase dicks, but
gaze into your eyes
and sneak kisses under starry skies
and sooth the raging beast inside your soul
and tame with wild animal
till you crave her taste and waste your time
imagining the many crimes
you'd commit to get
your hands upon her tits
and while your heart starts to sing for her, no end
she's describing you to her little friends;
the woman she met at some party
where the music is dark and arty
and the drugs are fresh and free
and the dykes are lonely and naive
and you were just an experiment
and she did not know, to you, just how much
that fucked snog meant.

- Rae Wetherill

Monday, 3 September 2012

Attachment Parent Illustrations

Illustrations for a leaflet for Attachment Parenting UK. First time I think I've ever drawn a baby, or a breast feeding woman...

Sunset Festival 2012

Phew, the festival is over! A culmination of a couples work that felt like an acceleration through chaos, pain and sacrifice to reach a goal of pure light, love and family. What I really mean to say is 7 days of back breaking labour, mud, blisters, sun, rain, wind, stress, sleep deprivation and an eventual running out of food, but which culminated in a beautiful coming together of community, music, smiley faces and overall success of Sunset Festival 2012, the first I'm sure of many. Crewing on a festival is hard, but organising one is harder! It's gonna take a whole winter of relaxation to absorb the incredible-ness of it all.

Talented festi photographer Mark Falmouth captured the festival beautifully, including the build here. Here are a few highlights:

Photography by the great Mark Falmouth

We called it Sunset as a representation of the end of one thing, and the dawning of a new era, and it certainly is as in 7 days time I'll be flying off, alone, to San Francsico for a month of adventures.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Naughty Wizard

Phew! The last few months have been insane. I'm now living in a van in the country side (or to be more exact, living in a van on a friend's driveway but free to use amenities such as kitchen and shower, and not exactly the countryside but in Ivybridge, a suburban village on the edge of the Moors.)

I thought now that I've finished uni I'd have more time to concentrate on some personal drawing projects. Yeah right! Actually, I've been really busy. Going to festivals, working on my music, making plans. I'm travelling to San Francisco next month for a while, but before that is Sunset Festival. Somehow, straight out of uni, I've found I've become stage manager of the Open Mic stage at the upcoming Sunset Festival. Being one of the core crew is sometimes overwhelming task, creatively I'm loving building sculptural pieces and decorative shit for the stage (photos coming soon), though on a more practical level finding things like a PA system has been difficult. Being part of the core crew can be flexible, you get as much out of it as you put in. Some members of the core crew have full time jobs and can only devote a percentage of their time and energy to this project. I, on the other hand, have devoted nearly all my time, energy, and resources to it. Its great to have something to focus my creative energy on but somedays I find myself thinking "Ugh, I'm so fucking busy all this time! This fucking festi!"

I know it's going to be beautiful when we finally pull it off, but I know there is going to be more stress and probably a few tears before we can finally stand at the front of the dance floor together in unity (or for me, sit at the back of the Open Mic stage attempting to figure out how to use a mixing desk for the first time.) Check out Sunset Festival for banging Psytrance, community spirit, family run cafe and acoustic Open Mic!

Meanwhile, I've been putting the finishing touches to the Spiritgarden Ethnobotanicals catalog with this illustration I call "The Naughty Wizard." I haven't actually drawn anything for a couple of months now,  feels good!

Monday, 25 June 2012


The degree shoe has gone up, uni is finished and I am free! Free to wander this limbo land of not really knowing what to do with myself, free to be shit-scared I won't find me purpose. Luckily I have amazing friends who have put me up for the summer while I bumble around and try to get a fix on the grown-up world.

Today I've been invijulating the show, hanging around with a couple of other illustrators and thinking up drawing games to keep us occupied. After a belgian man wondered into the studio and proclaimed himself Death Metal's most prolific logo and album art designer we decided to make up a random Death Metal band (named "Assorted Baby Heads") and challenge each other to design the logo in 10 minutes (extended to 12). By the end of the day I'd made up a few band members and a history.

Felicity Scum, bass player for Assorted Baby Heads. 

Plant a Seed