Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rae Wetherill Presents...

My album is now out! Recorded over three days, early april 2011. All the songs are original and copyrighted to me apart from "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals and "Strange and Beautiful" by Aqualung. Uke, Harmonica and Singing by me. I wanted to see how far I could spread it without ever burning a single CD. So it's up to you, my friends, to download and listen at your leisure!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Break!!!!!!!

Spending a week in Southampton with my bestest gilly-frill Rach. I feel like I've been whisked away for all sorts of healing, I'm going cold turkey from stess and stress inducing activities; it's been wonderful. I was only meant to stay for the weekend but her family have offered to extend my stay. I am overwhelmed and humbled by their kindness. Pictures!

 Rachel drives us on Southampton day trip.
 Picture credit: Merle Hunt. Swimming on Brighton Beach. Twas fucking freezing.
 Picture Credit: Merle Hunt
 New Forest.
 Picture Credit: Allison Frosdick. Go Ape center, New Forest.
Bounce the King Sprollie, the Bitch, and Steve,. River Hamble.

 "Lets get away from the crowds." Picture Credit: Allison Frosdick. Crabbing on the river Hamble. We caught 25.
 Rachel has crabs!
 Tilly the Bitch.
 Tilly the Bitch.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Rae: Back With A Passion

I'm back! I've been away, figuratively, mentally, emotionally. I've been on a journey. It was tough, but I'm back. My soul died and I grew a new one. I died and was reborn. I crawled out of the sea and squelched onto the sand. I super nova'd. Heres some personal intimate location art from the last few weeks.

Also, I've re-designed the blog. New life has been breathed into me and my exhaling that into my creative outlets. Also, I got a didjeridoo for my brithday! WHAAaaaaaaaoooooooooOOOOOOO!

Boiling rice on a hob. Pedro chills.
Life drawing class. Acrylic and emulsion paint.
Crayon Ashley. Rubbing of tin.
Taking Rachel to A&E (She was fine :) ) and a daisy.
Merle in the print room. A tree mono print from the morning after I lost my virginity.
Rachel's studio chair. Mono print Marv.
Chris relaxes during party planning. The phone booth on my road.