Friday, 18 June 2010

Pioneer One. Yes. Yes. YES.

So there I was downloading a wee bit of music on bittorent (yes I know very naughty) when this advert came up. A lady in a Soviet Cosmonaut space suit. And I was. Hang on. Turns out, released only a few days ago was the first episode of the very first independently produced exclusively for peer to peer sharing television show "Pioneer One" and though I was dubious I hit the download button. I'm the kind of person who wants *everything*.

Firstly, the camera work annoyed me. I have experience in making and direction low budget independent films and personally I think the director of photography needs a kick up the bum. But after a little while I started feeling this strange sensation in my guy. That same feeling I got when I watch Star Trek Voyager, or Star Wars, or Fire Fly or Back to the Future. A warm fuzzy sensation. A feeling of "I'm not quite sure whats going yet but I *like* these people. They are beginning to feel like...friends." I know, its sad, but who doesn't like to cuddle up with the TV remote and watch a group of misfits solve mysteries. This is what Pioneer One feels like it could become.

If fans donate enough money to actually MAKE the next episode. I need to mull it over the next few days before I decided if I want to part with my money in return for more warm fuzzy feelings but theres a few things that will help sway my decision. Firstly, it has MARS in it. Have I mentioned yet? I LOVE MARS. I was born on Mars, y'see. Ok not really but you get what I mean. And this show is about the human exploration of Mars. Kind of. And well, though I'm aspiring to be an illustrator (you can tell by the amount of art I've posted on this blog!) I actually want to be an Astronaut. And not just some rubbishy space shuttle Astronaut (keep up the good work, your my hero Nick Patrick), I want to be the first person on Mars.

So this show plays on my child hood dreams and thus is full of win. Here, see for yourself:

 Website with download link


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