Friday, 4 June 2010

I For One Welcome Our New "Alien Bug" Overloads (from Titan)

I cycled almost 40 miles today across the Devon countryside. Seems pretty miniscule compared to the distances and achievements of Cassini. Everybody already knew there was something amazing going on on Titan, Saturn's largest moon. So huge as to be almost planet like, with methane seas and mountains of rock; they call it the most Earth-like body around and now scientists think they may have evidence of the tentitive signs of life there.Read more here. Now, using the Dailymail's words, they reckon hydrogen gas is "mysertiously disapearing" because it's being breathed by "alien bugs." I hate the DM at the best of times but guh. Talk about confusing the average Joe. The alien bugs! They will scream. The Alien Bugs will enslave us all! Here is an artists impression (ok, my impression) of said "Alien Bug":

(Really shows my 1/3rd of an Illustration Degree huh?)

Personally I think it's great news, microscopic organisms writihing around in the bizzare neon-green glow-in-the-dark-lakes (probably not, but a girl can dream). I love that exploration continues despite politics, budget cuts, the cancelation of my beloved Space Shuttle (which I am currecntly building a model of, pics later.) Here are some actaul select DM comments:

"Bob, why would you want to disuade me from my faith? How does it effect your animalistic lifestyle?"

"Could they nip down to Eastbourne now and see if they can detect any signs of life here please?"

"The UK Government is to open a "Job Centre" on Titan in 2011 featuring many construction jobs and jobs for electrical engineers and the like."

"If we find life, it will be another sacred cow of religion slaughtered IE that we and our planet were specially created by God for us."

I don't know why I read the Dailymail website, it sets out to destroy every thing in my life (my sexualliy, my left wing liberal beliefs, my athiest-ness, even my gender and age [filthy, sinful, wastefull student!!!!] ) It reports on things alot of other new sites dont. Maybe I go there looking for a fight. Like Herminone says, in Harry Potter book number *mumbles* "It's good to know what the enemy are saying about you." and I think thats true. Reading DM reminds me I'm living my life the good way (I hope.) As long as I do, act, say and believe the complete opposite of what it and it's users say I should be on the right track. Now, a pic, from Cassini. Saturn's rings (which I see very often through my own telescope.) with the moon Epimethus and Titan.

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