Sunday, 6 June 2010

End to End (and everywhere in between)

My older (and only biological) brother playing drums with his band "Jukebox Fury" in an open air concert yesterday. It was really a concert, it was a fun day. They were in between the penalty shootout and sponge-throwing. My brother is a natural guitarist and played lead in his old band "Mary Jane", but they broke up a few years ago when he moved to Finland and got married. Now he's divorced, back in England, and plays drums. Honestly, he sucks, but I can understand why he maybe doesn't want to face his guitar again. Maybe it reminds him of better times with his best friends? I think I can relate, I was a clasically trained pianist for 5 years, but now I prefer to suck at guitar and have fun than be good at piano and have no fun. The reason he looks tanned and rugged is because he just walked almost 1000 miles from John O'Groats and will end up at Lands End on thursday. This gig was a stop off as he passed through. It suddenly struck me how much he looks like my Dad. Click to make bigger.

His (wholy unique due to childhood other-brother-play-fighting-face-smashing-banister accident) grin is sarcastic, by the way.

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