Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Moon-paintings of Wetherilliius

I one day hope to discover something magnificant and have it named after me. The closest thing so far is 2128 Wetherill, a main-belt asteroid discovered in 1976 by scientist Eleanor Helin and named after scientist George Wetherill. It's wiki page was recently vandalised, and it's claims upset me greatly.

In the meantime this is the most recent double page spread from my space diary which I started back in february when I first got my telescope. You can actually physically watch me learning luna geography as I go. The only thing's I've observed were the blinding light of Venus and the tiny wonderment of Saturn and they dont make very good paintings. The picture on the left is in pen and the picture on the right is acrylic paint 24 hours later. Its amazing to see how far the terminator travels in that time, revealing more magical sights.

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