Monday, 30 April 2012

21st Birthday

So last month was my 21st birthday! I've been so busy the last couple of months, uni is really kicking off now. I have 7 weeks and then I'll be finished forever! Whoa! In the last month alone I've written 14,000 words, and I'm giving my first Ukulele workshop on saturday! And I've got to sort out my portfolio... Anyway, last month was my 21st birthday and my best friend's 22nd birthday on the same weekend so we managed to get 15 of our closest friends to our favourite campsite and had a lovely relaxing 4 days chilling round the campfire. Here's a few pics from that weekend. I love my happy hippy family :)

One from TJ

Picture by Alex. I'm the fooked hippy on the right. It had been a long day :) 

Another one from Alex.

This one is from the wonderful Pam:

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