Friday, 23 September 2011

The Summer has Ended (but the tan-lines on my memory will never fade)

This summer has been one of those summers - *those* - summers. THE summer. The one I'll forever look back on with a grin. The camp fires, cold nights, the funny songs, the spiritual experiences, the smoke in the eyes, endless saucepans of noodles, the sun-stroke, drippy noses, bad trips, laughing fits, the open-mic nights, the tipi-love-ins, road trips, parties, the hairy-legs, the proclamations of boundless endless love. I have done a woefully small amount of drawing in this time because it's hard to carry a sketchbook when you're wading through a muddy field, fleeing a bull, while intoxicated - but here are some of the times I remembered to draw!
Chilling out with Paula and Corny
Waiting for the train at Exeter - UK Busk Tour
In the backseat to Brighton with Ailey and Jon in the front 
Lying on the floor of Family London-Crash-pad with Marv, watching Ghost for the first time (amazing!) 
Having some time to myself just drawing my city - something that has become unusual recently

Random again (the more random the drawing the more "graphic" and "innovative" it is)

And to cap it all I sang on stage at a festival! Thanks to Pam for being an awesome friend, guide, mentor and for capturing this corker of a moment for me! Me singing on stage at Maker Festival!

Big love to every single person I made met, camped with, partied with, danced with, spoke to, stood next to in the chemical toilet cue, bought a chai from, passed on the motorway - you made this summer incredible!

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