Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Break!!!!!!!

Spending a week in Southampton with my bestest gilly-frill Rach. I feel like I've been whisked away for all sorts of healing, I'm going cold turkey from stess and stress inducing activities; it's been wonderful. I was only meant to stay for the weekend but her family have offered to extend my stay. I am overwhelmed and humbled by their kindness. Pictures!

 Rachel drives us on Southampton day trip.
 Picture credit: Merle Hunt. Swimming on Brighton Beach. Twas fucking freezing.
 Picture Credit: Merle Hunt
 New Forest.
 Picture Credit: Allison Frosdick. Go Ape center, New Forest.
Bounce the King Sprollie, the Bitch, and Steve,. River Hamble.

 "Lets get away from the crowds." Picture Credit: Allison Frosdick. Crabbing on the river Hamble. We caught 25.
 Rachel has crabs!
 Tilly the Bitch.
 Tilly the Bitch.

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