Friday, 1 April 2011

Rae: Back With A Passion

I'm back! I've been away, figuratively, mentally, emotionally. I've been on a journey. It was tough, but I'm back. My soul died and I grew a new one. I died and was reborn. I crawled out of the sea and squelched onto the sand. I super nova'd. Heres some personal intimate location art from the last few weeks.

Also, I've re-designed the blog. New life has been breathed into me and my exhaling that into my creative outlets. Also, I got a didjeridoo for my brithday! WHAAaaaaaaaoooooooooOOOOOOO!

Boiling rice on a hob. Pedro chills.
Life drawing class. Acrylic and emulsion paint.
Crayon Ashley. Rubbing of tin.
Taking Rachel to A&E (She was fine :) ) and a daisy.
Merle in the print room. A tree mono print from the morning after I lost my virginity.
Rachel's studio chair. Mono print Marv.
Chris relaxes during party planning. The phone booth on my road.

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