Saturday, 18 September 2010


Finally back in the studio now that's up to working condition again after the summer refit. First it was super de-ja-vu but now I feel home again. These are some scans from the summer brief we were issued. I choose to explore gravity and ended up at moths: flying moths, trapping moths, dead moths. It started with finding a dead moth under some boxes when I moved out, so I kept it and stuck it in (image 1) then, when I got to my new student digs the place was COVERED in moths (image 2). I don't usually take cues from the universe but it got me thinking about the life cycle of moths, and moths that are trapped and unable to fly. Moths that are denied the ability to fly, thus the whole gravity thing. Also, I relate to moths. Butterflies are beautiful, everybody knows that, and every little girl has a butterfly on their clothes somewhere. What about moths? Moths are beautiful too, just marginalized because of their unconventional beauty. Thats me. I'm a moth. So anyway I was out getting to know my new student area and there were all these really pretty colored leaves...(image 3)

In my haste to scan this the glue I used to preserve the leaves is still a bit wet - on the right.

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