Monday, 3 September 2012

Sunset Festival 2012

Phew, the festival is over! A culmination of a couples work that felt like an acceleration through chaos, pain and sacrifice to reach a goal of pure light, love and family. What I really mean to say is 7 days of back breaking labour, mud, blisters, sun, rain, wind, stress, sleep deprivation and an eventual running out of food, but which culminated in a beautiful coming together of community, music, smiley faces and overall success of Sunset Festival 2012, the first I'm sure of many. Crewing on a festival is hard, but organising one is harder! It's gonna take a whole winter of relaxation to absorb the incredible-ness of it all.

Talented festi photographer Mark Falmouth captured the festival beautifully, including the build here. Here are a few highlights:

Photography by the great Mark Falmouth

We called it Sunset as a representation of the end of one thing, and the dawning of a new era, and it certainly is as in 7 days time I'll be flying off, alone, to San Francsico for a month of adventures.

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