Monday, 25 June 2012


The degree shoe has gone up, uni is finished and I am free! Free to wander this limbo land of not really knowing what to do with myself, free to be shit-scared I won't find me purpose. Luckily I have amazing friends who have put me up for the summer while I bumble around and try to get a fix on the grown-up world.

Today I've been invijulating the show, hanging around with a couple of other illustrators and thinking up drawing games to keep us occupied. After a belgian man wondered into the studio and proclaimed himself Death Metal's most prolific logo and album art designer we decided to make up a random Death Metal band (named "Assorted Baby Heads") and challenge each other to design the logo in 10 minutes (extended to 12). By the end of the day I'd made up a few band members and a history.

Felicity Scum, bass player for Assorted Baby Heads. 

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