Monday, 5 March 2012

The Poison Bullet - a 24 Hour comic

My 24 page comic book I produced for in the 24 hour comic book challenge at uni. Locked in the library with a few illustrators, we had 24 hours to produced a 24 hour comic book.

I knew it would be tough, not so much the staying awake that long, but actually doing one focused task for that long. There wasn't time to be leisurely, I knew I'd have to keep on top of time, so I didn't allow myself to relax or take any breaks. I ate while I worked, stopped only to go the toilet. I took a walk about the room twice in the night just to stretch my legs. Unlike the other people taking part (who steamed on ahead without any and made up the comic as they went along) I chose to spend the first 2 hours doing some basic character designs and planning the layout of the comic. I knew what frame shapes I'd use and what would happen later in the comic, and how it would. This put me behind everybody for a few hours, but I knew what type of art I'd have to be producing hours in advance. This allowed me to adjust my pace - I knew some pages would take longer than an hour, and I knew some could be done very quickly. I managed to get ahead of everybody after a few hours, and finished with 4 hours to spare. I would suggest to anybody doing a 24 hour comic, spend the first hour planning your layout! Don't make it up as you go along.

Anyway, I wanted to explore the pain-body, Eckhart Tolles concept of the inner demons that we feed with our negative thought spirals that he talks about in the power of now.

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