Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Galactic Consciousness Event - 15th November

A couple of weekends ago I ran my first stall at a Psytrance night at Maggies, a greasy spoon by day and rave spot by night. I've been attending these mini raves for over a year now, loving the friendly vibe, awesome music and beautiful family that pull together and give up their time for one goal: to put on an awesome party.

I decided it's time I did more than just take peoples money at the door and pin up the odd glow in the dark hula hoop. Despite having the worst case of sinusitis I can ever remember I collected up all the old prints and paintings I've produced at uni but never sold. Quite an odd thing to try and sell at a Psytrance night, no mushrooms or fairies, but it was fun talking to people about the process of making a woodcut print. Unbelievably I did sell one painting! My first sale! I'd painted a seagull, inspired by reading the book "John Livingston Seagull" about a Seagull who discovers he can fly faster and better through the power of a positive mind. This was bought by somebody who had also read the book. Just goes to show when you try to make paintings for a particular audience but your heart isn't in it it will show. A great artists once told "Work from the heart and you'll always be home."

My stall was next to the awesome Kerry aka Dj RastaFairy who has been making an selling woolen hats and lighter holders at Totnes Market for over a year and who who did a much better trade than I. She's my inspiration, make stuff, sell stuff, happy days.

It was a long friday, we wrapped at 6am. I had one hours sleep, then spent the rest of the weekend recovering with friends. The tired and sick love company!

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