Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Beginnging

Sunrise Festival. WOW! I can't even begin to explain how fucking amazing those 5 days in Bruton were. A glorious mix of culture, arts, live music, world food, world everything, an intimate community of peace-loving hippies, an infigerating carnaval, the healing energy was palpable. The people spoke to you like you had known them for years. You could leave your guitar by the fire and come back 4 hours later and it was still there, protected by the communal power of love and respect. I jammed with an Interdimensional Wizard, busked at a nudist sauna (I kpet my clothes on only because of some horrific sunburn I got the day before), transended my pain-body to live psytrance. I left feeling like a child; I want to lift the lid of life and explore every little cranny of the world and make it mine. 

Harry and I in the back of the campervan, on the way to the Festival. One of very few natural pictures of me that I dont want to burn!
Bee and Kurt in the back of their camper.
Em and Spence. The love on Spence's face is obvious.
Frida. Frida is little Freddie's female alter ego. She is gentler and kinder than Fred. We enjoy it when Frida comes out to play.
George and Frida.
A young couple asleep on the grass, early on the first morning, near the massive communal bonfire. I spoke to several transient young people who explained that hitching from one hippy festival to another was their way of life, and that many dont bother to bring tents to these types of festivals because they know they can just sleep anywhere, knowing that they'll be safe.
Alex and TJ, physicall manifestation of true love.
Marv the Mist returns from his mysterious voyages to share our physical realm.
Didn't spend much time at the main stage, I prfered the funny little live tents dotted around, amazing acoustic gypsie hippy circus bands that performed on upturned crates.
These ladies were brilliant. They were really unpractised and made up alot of their dances on the spot, which just made me love them more.
Pam, spent a beautiful day and night just hanging around one cafe with her. We just didn't feel the need to move and let the whole festival come to us. Funny how spending one afternoon with Pam and my photography skills improive 100%.
Helen. I met Helen at a small free party in March. We bumped into each other at Sunrise and were like "How do I know you? Free party in Liskard? No...Camping at Maker? No...Spring Equinox! Ahh!"
I spent alot of time in the Solarnet Cafe, where the owner, Micheal, had a small speaker system and was pumping out some fat high energy psytrance. These little kids wondered in and oh god, the look of joy on their face when they heard this music, presumably for the first time. They were like, "Whats this? It's COOL!"
Crammed into the psytrance tent for Sphoongle. It was dangerously packed and after 45 minutes and alot of drama later I decided to call it a night.

I love how by the end we all tanned to same shade and we all look distantly related to each other. I cant wait for my grandkids to see these pictures and be they'd be like "Grandma, you were so cool!"