Saturday, 7 May 2011

I Was Born to Currate

I haven't be short of creative juices recently with all my success with music, but I find myself not drawing as much. Thats why I'm really enjoying my last module of Second Year in which I lectured a class of 17 year old Art and Design students at a local inner city school on location drawing and took them on an active workshop. Their artwork I compiled and am having printed for a small exhibition. I've had 3 weeks from initial idea to exhibition. I should be tearing my hair out but it's been a breeze; I secured funding, I've worked around the school's time table and pain in the ass bank holidays, I've even got some catering for the function, which will be admittedly small and intimate.

 My deepest fear is that the lay person will feel the art work isn't strong enough to support invites and catering and nibbles and photographs and a little speech. I was going to throw the prints on the wall and leave it at that, but I've decided that I the only thing out of my control on this module is the art work produced by the students. I have to use all my skill to best compliment the art work and in how I choose to present it. I think that's what I'm enjoying the most in that I am fully in control of (almost) everything. I've never been the kind of person to let other people sort things out because the usually do a shit job. Here I am in charge of teaching, direction, art selection, editing, printing, securing funding, advertising, show building and mingling. I

 feel sort of executive, like I should be running from meeting to meeting on Wall Street. My housemate said I look like Phoebe from Friends in the episode where she imagines what would have happened if she became a high powered stock market person, wearing blazers, smoking cigarettes and yelling at her assistant down the phone until she has a heart attack. I like it.

Who knows, maybe I am destined to run a gallery, or be an art director. Or bank manager (!)

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