Saturday, 13 November 2010

First Man on Mars

My buddy Tim has gotten me into the habit of keeping a dream journal and illustrating it. This is one I had a few weeks ago but hadn't got around to illustrating. I dreamt I watched Chuck Anderson (my astronaut character) take man's first steps on Mars. It was very vivid, especially the orange ground and pink sky. I choose to draw this in my little 0.1 fine liner, that died just as I got to the sky. I realised later the pose is almost exactly like the famous image of Buzz Aldrn on the moon, ack, owell, un-concious homage! Click to enlarge.

And some disgusting photoshop work later:

I tried to update the traditional moon suit, make it a little more futuristic. Little up-side down touchscreen iPad thing on his chest so that he can look down and read it. A little screen on his wrist to replace the old check list. Knee pads because the Apollo astronauts were constantly falling on their knees and the jagged rocks of Mars are a lot sharper than those on the moon. And the patch. SpaceX. Not NASA. It's sad, but they are the future.

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  1. This is so cool and dreamy! I love your illustrations!