Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An apple a day is a good amount of anti-oxidents

I've been embracing healthy eating with a passion, since I lost a bit of weight over the summer. I was never really interested in food, but now, mmm, the herbs, the flavours, the wonderous things you can make healthily from scratch. I guess its been moving out thats done it for me; I'm on a tight budget so I can choose between fueling myself with cheap rubbish or fueling myself with cheap goodness. Goodness won. I'm so dissapointed my whole childhood I never learnt to coook. My mum tried, I wasnt interested (partly because I wasn't interested in what she cooked) and also the school system. Shame on you Thatcher! Two (now nearing three!) generations of people who never learnt to cook at school. They feed their fat little thre year olds pizza and processed chicken nuggets in way bigger portions than they should have and counting chips as a vegetable, just because they were never taught any better at school. Lucky for me I skipped a generation (my mum was born in the 50's not the 70's hooray) so atleast my mum had her "domestic science" o level to feed her and her family. It seems as we all got older my mum didn't have as much time to cook from scratch as she used to, and it became the dark few years of ready meals. But Not I'm moved out, I buy my own shopping 60% of which is fresh veg. I cook! It's so much. I drove the change myself. I quit coke and oh my goodness would you believe it I don't miss it at all. Now I am ranting. Here's somebody who I know will teach me a lot in the future, but you have to make the change yourself.

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